Create tools
not toys
Virtual and augmented reality
provide much greater opportunities for businesses than ever before. AR/VR technologies are not just for fun, they can also provide additional value for business.
Recent cases
David paints storms. Using oceans as a metaphor he shares stories of hope. We've used AR to come them alive and extend customers experience.
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AR Gallery Portal
ARKit/ARCore based app that can place the imaginary gallery anywhere user would like.
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Zatyshny budynok app
An app for a presentation of the designed house in real size.
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Plymotion AR app
An app that allows downloading and showing 3D models in real time.
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AR portal to the office
ARKit based app that allows showing the 3D-model of meeting room anywhere.
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AR-cards for kids
An augmented reality application for children. The app is created to entertain and teach children with special cards.
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Postcard for Marevo's clients and partners
An augmented reality application was created to send our best wishes to our clients and partners at Christmas and New Year, using the postcard as a target.
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Our solutions
We do not only succeed with clients' challenges via AR but we is constantly looking for our own solutions. Their main purpose is provide different business areas with tools for self-improvement. There are some of them below.
Excellent floor
Excellent floor is a mobile application which allows buyers "try on" new flooring without living a home. It is able to visualize a lot of flooring materials like:
  • ceramic or porcelain tile
  • vinyl and linoleum
  • hardwood and bamboo
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AR Houses
AR houses is a mobile app that allows your buyers to virtually 'visit' a new house while it haven't built yet.
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AR Wall Covering
AR Wall Covering app allows customers checking out how will the different covering look at the wall. It helps not only to choose the wall covering but to estimate the size and price of the chosen covering as well.

This solution is well suited to manufacturers of different wall coverings, paints, etc.
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Virtual and augmented reality is useful in many spheres of our life. Below are some examples of how we implement these in practice.
3D-content animation
We take real world items and bring them to life by creating interesting and exciting 3D animated models.
Marevo ( ['ma:revо] ; in ukrainian: mirage, illusion) —
an optical phenomenon that distorts the perception of a really existing object.

A long time ago the world was divided into 2 parts: digital and reality. It has now become clear that there are many more opportunities available if we combine the two.

We are keen on creating solutions, which previously were thought to be impossible. The new digital age has provided us with this capability. Our team aspires to help small and medium businesses to find more effective and spectacular solutions to challenges using virtual and augmented reality.

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