AR cards for kids
An augmented reality application for children. The app is created to entertain and teach children with special cards.
The goal of the project
To provide the additional value of teaching cards for children. On the cards are images of animals and birds, which children can view and use to learn the names of the creatures. There are a few similar goods available with this idea which is why we decided to reach for the next level in teaching and entertainment for children, to offer something different and more advanced than our competitors.
We have developed the AR-app for mobile devices (Android, iOS) which parents and their children can use along with the cards to see models of real animals or birds in augmented reality. The purpose of this is to increase the interest and level of engagement of children using the cards and to improve the results of their learning.
Create content
There are 80 cards with different kinds of animals and birds. We have created or adapted 3D-content for all of them.
Develop the application
The next step was the development of applications for Android and iOS-devices. Customers can download one of these apps and see models of real animals or birds in augmented reality.