AR car-finder
An additional AR-module of the iOS-application for car owners. This part of the app indicates the marker in augmented reality mode in that is show where customer's car is located.
The goal of the project
To add an AR-mode to the existing application for users, who feel uncomfortable using map-mode. This location-based app was made to enable location tracking of a customer's car location using GPS beacons.
Previously the app only provided the capability to find the user's car on the map. Our team have developed AR-mode for people who prefer another option.
Turn on the AR mode
A user has to turn on the AR mode of the app. When this is done the user can determine the direction they need to take to their car's location and shows the distance they are away from it by seeing through the device's camera. This mode is extremely useful when the user tries to locate their car in a large shopping mall car park, or when in an unfamiliar place.
More than one car
A user can add more than one car in the app, which enables them to locate another car.