Croc Coatings LiDAR AR app
The LiDAR-based AR app for the concrete coating system providing company
The goal of the project
Implement the newest tools, approaches, and technologies into the salespersons toolkit.
Our partner "Croc Coatings" is a local business servicing North Idaho and Spokane. The company deals with renovating floors. Their award-winning Penntek® Evolution industrial coating system can be installed in as little as ONE DAY.

On the other hand, picking the right color option may take a customer much more because of the lack of the right tools.
The new Croc Coatings LiDAR AR app solves this issue. It's a solution that Croc Coatings sales managers use nowadays.

The app became a prosperous experimental project for both Marevo and Croc Coatings companies. The project was designed using ARKit SDK, Excellent Floor solution, and LiDAR sensor for iOS devices.

We developed the LiDAR-based app that helps to choose the right floor cover within 5 minutes instead of a few days.

The app scans and coats the floor automatically. It allows a user to try on various floor coatings a partner provided.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor is used for ultra-precise measurement of physical distances.
There is a video below of how we use it for a commercial AR project.