PolMall AR app
An AR app for one of the leading e-stores of carpeting in Ukraine
The goal of the project
Launch a new sales and marketing channel to expand the impact on the Ukrainian carpeting e-market.
The PolMall flooring store is one of the leading online retailers of carpeting in Ukraine.
This pretty young company is always looking for something new.

Both PolMall's and Marevo's approaches fully coincide at this point. That's why we also decided to experiment with new features in our further project.

All the Excellent Floor based applications have some default set of features. In particular, they provide users with a tool for marking up the area for coating.

The project has also developed a second approach that allows covering the entire scanned area automatically. It doesn't require manual marking up. Such an approach is pretty convenient if the user wants to have a quick look or/and coat the whole room.

We had to be mindful that the Polmall company services the pretty various audience. So the app should be available for as many smartphones as possible.

That's why we implemented the ''occlusion" feature. It looks similar to the results of LiDAR-equipped devices, although it does not require this sensor.

That's why the app works pretty well even on iPhone SE!

The iOS version of the app allows the user to switch between manual and automatic marking up modes. The Android one has only the "manual" mode yet. However, some enhancements are in plans.